How to Check RO Membrane is Working or Not

The reverse osmosis membrane is responsible for purifying water. It is made up of numerous layers made of various materials. It contains thin films made of polypropylene which removes chemicals and sediments in the water.

Pure water is essential for human health. The RO membrane has a lifespan of 1-2 years. After this period, the RO membrane needs. Sometimes your RO membrane stops working before time because of excessive use.

You feel the change in the taste of the water or its color. So, you need to check whether the RO membrane is working.

Ways to check whether RO membrane is working or not

You can check these given conditions to see if the RO membrane is working or not. Following these steps, you can quickly check whether the RO membrane is working or needs replacement.

The flow rate of water

You can check the flow rate of water in the filter. When the flow rate is average, the RO membrane works efficiently. If there is a lower flow rate, it means there is a problem in the RO membrane, it might be clogged or damaged, and the RO membrane can also break sometimes.

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If a membrane is clogged, it will not purify contaminants, resulting in less flow rate because of pollutants in the water. You can clean it. If the RO membrane does not work correctly after cleaning, it needs replacing.

How to Check RO Membrane is Working or Not

Color of the RO membrane

If your RO membrane is working properly, its color will remain the same, but if you notice the change in the shade of the RO membrane, it means it is filled with contaminants.

Check if you can clean it. When you cannot clean these contaminants, you can change the RO membrane to void the sediments in the water.

hand-hot water

if your water filter and RO membrane work correctly, then filtered water will be warm. When water passes through a filtration system and gets purified, it becomes lukewarm.

When your water is too hot after filtration, it means there is too much pressure on RO membrane. This pressure can affect its working. The RO membrane needs to be replaced as a remedy.

Total dissolved solids level in the water

As we know, tap water has a high level of TDS. You can take a test of the level of TDS in the water before and after filtration. If the status of TDS is low after filtration, it means the RO membrane is working correctly,

but if there is a high level of TDS, it means there is a deficiency in the working of the RO membrane; you can check if this deficiency can be decreased. If you cannot fix this, you must change the RO membrane.

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Color and taste of water

Purified water has no color and a different taste. When your RO membrane works efficiently, your water does not smell, color, or taste weirdly.

When your RO membrane is not working or giving fewer results, there will be a change in taste, color, and smell. Water can be cloudy or milky if it has contaminants in it. The wrong working of the RO membrane can also change the taste of the water.

Indicator light

The Ro water filter has an indicator light; you can check if it is activated; it means the RO membrane is not working the way it is supposed to and needs replacement. If this light is not activated, it means RO membranes are working well.

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Can faulty RO membrane result in affecting the whole filtration system?

Yes, a faulty membrane can cause damage to your whole filtration system by letting contaminants flow through it without purifying.

What is the average age limit of the RO membrane?

The average usage limit for RO membrane is 1-2 years. You can use a RO membrane during this period. But RO membrane can get damaged by excessive usage. In this case, you need to replace the RO membrane.

How can I tell whether a RO membrane is working?

You can check whether RO membrane is working or not by checking the level of TDS, color and taste of water, and indicator light.

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We can check whether RO membrane is working or not by following some steps. Ro membrane can last one to two years, but it can damage or broken and needs replacement.

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Sometimes it stops working and results in unhealthy water. You can follow the above-given steps and check if the RO membrane is working or not.

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