Hobart AM15: The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Dishwashers

The Hobart AM15 is a high-performance commercial dishwasher designed for medium to large-sized operations. It offers superior cleaning capabilities, energy efficiency, and durability to handle demanding commercial environments. Advanced features like the exclusive Advansys LXe control system and customizable wash cycles enhance productivity and versatility. While a substantial investment, the Hobart AM15 provides long-term cost savings and reliable performance for your business.


In the fast-paced world of commercial kitchens and foodservice operations, having a reliable and high-performing dishwasher is crucial for maintaining hygiene standards, optimizing workflow, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The Hobart AM15 commercial dishwasher stands out as a top choice for medium to large-sized operations, offering superior cleaning power, energy efficiency, and durability that can handle even the toughest challenges. Engineered by Hobart, a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen equipment, the AM15 represents the pinnacle of dishwashing technology. With its advanced features, customizable options, and robust construction, this machine is designed to meet the demanding needs of restaurants, hotels, catering services, and institutional kitchens.

Cleaning Performance:

At the core of the Hobart AM15 is its exceptional cleaning performance. This dishwasher utilizes a combination of high-temperature sanitizing rinse cycles, powerful wash arms, and advanced detergent delivery systems to ensure thorough and hygienic cleaning results. The AM15 is available in various configurations, including straight-through, corner, and pot/pan models, allowing you to choose the appropriate setup for your kitchen layout and specific needs. Each model is equipped with multiple wash arms and strategically placed jets that provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring every dish, utensil, and piece of cookware is thoroughly cleansed.

Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation:

In addition to its impressive cleaning capabilities, the Hobart AM15 is designed with energy efficiency and water conservation in mind. This dishwasher incorporates several eco-friendly features that can significantly reduce your operating costs and environmental impact. The advanced Advansys LXe control system optimizes water and energy usage by precisely controlling wash cycles and temperatures. This intelligent system also offers customizable wash programs, allowing you to tailor the cycles to your specific needs, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Furthermore, the AM15 is ENERGY STAR® certified, meeting stringent energy efficiency standards and demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

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Cleaning PerformanceHigh-temperature sanitizing rinse cyclesPowerful wash arms and strategic jet placementThorough cleaning for dishes, utensils, and cookware
Energy EfficiencyAdvansys LXe control system for optimized water and energy usageCustomizable wash programs for reduced wasteENERGY STAR® certified
Durability and ReliabilityStainless steel constructionRobust components and high-quality materialsDesigned for demanding commercial environments
Versatility and CustomizationAvailable in straight-through, corner, and pot/pan modelsCustomizable wash cycles and optionsAccommodates various rack and tray sizes

Durability and Reliability:

The Hobart AM15 is built to withstand the rigors of high-volume commercial operations. Constructed with durable stainless steel and robust components, this dishwasher is designed to deliver reliable performance day after day, even in the most demanding environments. Hobart’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the AM15’s construction, from the heavy-duty wash arms to the high-quality spray jets and components. This attention to detail ensures that the dishwasher can handle heavy usage without compromising its cleaning power or longevity.

Versatility and Customization:

One of the standout features of the Hobart AM15 is its versatility and customization options. This dishwasher is available in various configurations, including straight-through, corner, and pot/pan models, allowing you to choose the setup that best fits your kitchen layout and specific needs. Additionally, the AM15 offers customizable wash cycles and options, enabling you to tailor the machine’s performance to your unique requirements. Whether you need specialized cycles for heavily soiled items or gentler cycles for delicate dishware, the AM15 can be programmed to meet your demands. The dishwasher also accommodates a wide range of rack and tray sizes, ensuring efficient loading and unloading for various dish types and volumes.

Advanced Controls and User-Friendly Interface:

The Hobart AM15 is equipped with the exclusive Advansys LXe control system, a state-of-the-art interface that simplifies operation and maximizes efficiency. This advanced control system features an intuitive touchscreen display, making it easy to navigate and adjust settings with just a few taps. The Advansys LXe system also provides valuable insights and data, such as cycle times, temperatures, and error codes, allowing you to monitor the dishwasher’s performance and identify potential issues before they escalate.

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Installation and Maintenance:

While the Hobart AM15 is a substantial investment, its installation and maintenance requirements are straightforward. Professional installation is highly recommended to ensure proper setup, adherence to local regulations, and optimal performance. Regular maintenance, as outlined in the user manual, is crucial for ensuring the dishwasher’s longevity and continued efficiency. Hobart offers comprehensive maintenance and service support, with a network of trained technicians and readily available replacement parts.

Pros and Cons:

Like any commercial appliance, the Hobart AM15 has its advantages and drawbacks. Here’s a quick overview:


Superior cleaning performance for thorough sanitization Energy-efficient and water-saving features for reduced operating costs Durable stainless steel construction for long-lasting reliability Versatile configurations and customizable wash cycles Advanced Advansys LXe control system for user-friendly operation Accommodates various rack and tray sizes for flexible loading


Higher initial investment compared to basic commercial dishwashers Professional installation and regular maintenance required Larger footprint may require kitchen layout modifications

User Reviews and Industry Ratings:

To provide a balanced perspective, it’s essential to consider user reviews and industry ratings for the Hobart AM15 commercial dishwasher. Here’s a summary of what users and experts have to say: On review platforms like Katom and WebstaurantStore, the Hobart AM15 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from commercial kitchen operators and foodservice professionals. Users praise its exceptional cleaning power, energy efficiency, and user-friendly controls, citing it as a worthwhile investment for their businesses. In terms of industry ratings, the Hobart AM15 has consistently scored high marks from reputable organizations like the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the Foodservice Equipment & Supplies (FES) magazine. These ratings highlight the dishwasher’s compliance with strict sanitation and safety standards, as well as its overall performance and durability.

Alternatives and Competitors:

While the Hobart AM15 is a top contender in the commercial dishwasher market, it’s essential to consider alternative options from other reputable manufacturers. Here are a few notable competitors:

Jackson AJX Undercounter Dishwasher: Jackson’s AJX series offers a compact and energy-efficient undercounter dishwasher suitable for smaller operations or supplementary dishwashing needs. Meiko UPster U500 Rack Conveyor Dishwasher: Meiko’s UPster U500 is a high-capacity rack conveyor dishwasher designed for large-scale operations, offering advanced features and customizable configurations. CMA Dishmachines EST-S Rack Undercounter Dishwasher: CMA’s EST-S series provides a reliable and affordable rack undercounter dishwasher option for small to medium-sized establishments.

While these alternatives from Jackson, Meiko, and CMA Dishmachines offer their own unique features and capabilities, the Hobart AM15 stands out for its exceptional cleaning performance, energy efficiency, and versatility, making it a top choice for medium to large-sized commercial operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The Hobart AM15 requires a minimum incoming water temperature of 140°F (60°C) for optimal cleaning performance and sanitization.

How often should the AM15 be descaled or delimed?

The frequency of descaling or deliming depends on various factors, such as water hardness and usage volume. Hobart recommends following the guidelines in the user manual and consulting with a service technician for specific recommendations.

Can the AM15 handle heavily soiled items like baked-on food or burnt pans?

Yes, the Hobart AM15 is designed to handle heavily soiled items, thanks to its powerful wash arms, high-temperature sanitizing rinse cycles, and customizable wash programs. However, it’s recommended to scrape off excess food debris before loading for optimal cleaning results.

What is the typical water consumption of the Hobart AM15?

The water consumption of the Hobart AM15 varies based on the specific model and configuration. However, Hobart’s efficient design and water-saving features help minimize water usage compared to traditional commercial dishwashers.

Is the AM15 compatible with different detergent and rinse aid brands?

While Hobart recommends using their own branded detergents and rinse aids for optimal performance, the AM15 is generally compatible with other commercial-grade detergent and rinse aid brands approved for use in commercial dishwashers.

How long is the typical warranty period for the Hobart AM15?

Hobart typically offers a standard warranty on their commercial dishwashers, covering defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period. It’s essential to review the specific warranty details for the Hobart AM15 before making a purchase.

Can the Advansys LXe control system be programmed for multiple users with different access levels?

Yes, the Advansys LXe control system allows for multiple user profiles with varying access levels, ensuring secure operation and preventing unauthorized changes to settings.


The Hobart AM15 commercial dishwasher is a top-of-the-line solution for medium to large-sized foodservice operations. With its superior cleaning performance, energy efficiency, durability, and versatility, this dishwasher is designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial kitchens while delivering long-term cost savings and reliable operation. While the initial investment may be higher compared to basic commercial dishwashers, the Hobart AM15’s advanced features, customizable options, and robust construction make it a worthwhile investment for businesses prioritizing hygiene, productivity, and operational efficiency. With overwhelmingly positive user reviews and industry ratings, the Hobart AM15 solidifies its position as a trusted choice for commercial dishwashing solutions. Its exceptional cleaning power, energy-saving capabilities, and user-friendly controls ensure that your business can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation, while streamlining operations and reducing costs. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, hotel operator, or institutional kitchen manager, the Hobart AM15 commercial dishwasher has the potential to revolutionize your dishwashing operations, elevating your business to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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