Filtered Water Tastes Metallic-Best Guide

We use filtration systems to purify our water. We know the importance of clean water that is free of sediments. If we use tap water, it can Harm our health.

So, we become careful when we drink water and purify it before drinking. What if we have a water filtration system that still gets the water that contains sediments and tastes metallic?

If your water filter is giving you a water filter that tastes like metal, you need to pay attention immediately because this water can harm your health. When your filtered water tastes metallic, it is a severe problem because it is the sign that your water filter is not working correctly.

Reasons why my filtered water tastes metallic

First, we need to understand the reasons for metallic water taste because we can only solve the problem when we know its causes.

Here are some chemicals that can make your water taste metallic.

Filtered Water Tastes Metallic-Best Guide

  • Sodium silicofluoride.
  • Liquified chlorine.
  • Copper
  • zinc
  • Calcium hydroxide.
  • Aluminum sulfate

The presence of these chemicals can result in a metallic taste in water. But sometimes, water can taste metallic because of sediments or extra contaminants in the water.

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But when you filter the water, your filter must remove these sediments. If the filtered water still tastes metallic, it can be because of

Too old water filter

If your water filtration system is too old, it can work less efficiently. So, when the water filter does not work correctly, it can retain metals in your water that make it taste metallic.

So, keep checking if your water filter is too old. It can show less efficiency. To overcome this problem, you can replace your old or expired water filter with a new one. Because if your water contains metals, chemicals, and sediments in it, it will harm your health.

High TDS (Total dissolved solids)

If your purified water tastes metallic, it can be because of the high level of TDS in the water. You need to check it. If there is a high level of TDS, it means your water filter is not working correctly and needs replacing.

Low pH causes a metallic taste

There is a limit of pH in water that’s healthy. But if this pH is low, it means the water filter is not working correctly on it and need replacement. Low pH reading indicates that the filter has become too acidic and needs replacement or maintenance.

Ways to solve the problem if filtered water tastes metallic

You need to check the housing piping and your entire filter and find the exact problem. Here are some solutions; if your filtered water tastes metallic, you can get rid of it by following the suggestions.

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Filter needs replacement

You can replace your filters if these filters are expired or have reached the limit of purifying water. When you keep using an expired filter, it can let sediments and chemicals remain in the water, resulting in a metallic taste.

Remove the rust

If your filtered water tastes metallic, it can be because of rust in the faucet or piping; you can remove this rust to make your filtered water taste better.

Change membrane

Your filtered water tastes metallic sometimes when the filter’s membrane is not working correctly. You can find out if this is the reason, then it’s the best solution to change the membrane so you can get purified water that tastes good.


Can metallic taste water affect my health?

If your filtered water tastes metallic, it can be because of sediments and chemicals in the water. These sediments can affect your health.

How to solve this problem if my filtered water tastes metallic?

Filter water tastes metallic sometimes for some reason; you can find out the cause and solve it. You can replace your filter, re-mineralize water to maintain pH, and change the membrane.

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Although filters work properly but sometimes, they can stop working. You need to be careful about the taste and color of your water.

If you find any change in the taste or color of water, be alert and try to discover why filtered water tastes metallic.

It can be because of chemicals in the water. These chemicals can affect health. You need to check, replace and maintain the filtration system you use.

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