No Water After Changing Water Filter-Best Guide

We change our water filter to get quality water because we know that water in its purest form is the key to good health. But when we change the water filter, it becomes trouble for us as it doesn’t work properly and does not flow in some cases after changing it.

When we face this problem, we need help understanding the actual reason for no water coming after changing the water filter. It can be due to air in the water line not letting water flow.

Do not panic; you can fix this problem by following simple steps.

No Water After Changing Water Filter-Best Guide

Guide if there is no water after changing the water filter

You can follow these simple steps to overcome this problem.

  1. You need to change the old water filter with a new filter without turning off the water in the filter. In this case, you can avoid the problem of your water not flowing after installing the new filter.
  2. When you install the new water filter, you need to put water in the filter that runs through the water filter until the water is clear and available. By following this simple step, can you avoid the situation where no water changes after changing the water?
  3. You need to press the dispense button for a few minutes so that water will flow through the filter and the air stuck in the water line will be removed.
  4. The water pressure is too low, so water is not coming after changing the filter. 20 psi is required to function properly. If the water pressure is below, you need to check the intel valve and change it if required.
  5. Check if the child lock mode is on. If it is on then off it.
  6. You can check the select button to see if you have selected the dispense selection. Because if you have chosen other options, don’t choose any option. It will also lead to water not coming from the dispense.
  7. An inappropriate water connection can be the reason. Check the internal connection is linked properly.
  8. The reason may be installing. You can install the filter in a wrong or inappropriate way. Because of the installation problem, water will not flow through the filter and come out from the dispenser.
  9. If you are not getting water after changing water filter, you can check the water line connection.
  10. You can check the water supply valve to see if it is turned on or if you need to remember to turn it on. If it is turned off, you can turn it on for water flow.
  11. Unplug the filter for a while and then plug it. When you turn it on again, the problem may be troubleshooting.
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Why is there no water after changing the water filter?

It may be possible due to inappropriate installation of water. Low water pressure can be the reason for this issue. It sometimes needs to remember to turn on the water supply valve. Air blocking in the water line can also be the reason.

Can I fix this issue if there is no water after changing the filter?

Yes, you can fix this problem by following the abovementioned steps, i.e., checking the air block in the water line, the water pressure, etc.

Should I change my water by myself?

It is not suggested to change or replace your water filter by yourself. You can contact a professional to do it. Because when they install a water filter, there are fewer chances of the problem, and if there is a problem, they can easily fix it. But when you install a water filter, you may not install it properly or be unable to troubleshoot the problem.

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Changing or replacing the water filter may result in no water when you don’t install it properly. Above mentioned steps will help you find out why there is no water after changing the filter. You can troubleshoot those problems by following some simple steps.

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