Water Filter is Running Slow-Quick Guide

When we buy a water filter, it works great, but it becomes too slow after a few weeks or months. If the water filter starts running slow, it can be very infuriating.

In case you are facing this problem, you are in the right place; after reading this article, you can identify why your water filter is running slow and how you can troubleshoot this problem.

Let’s check why my water filter is running slow and how we can overcome this problem.

reasons and quick solutions

Water bubbles in the filter:

A water filter may slow down because of water bubbles in the filter; this is a very simple problem, but it can lead to the water filter running slow, which can be trouble for you in getting purified water. Follow simple steps to solve the problem:

Water Filter is Running Slow-Quick Guide

  1. You can put your water filter in a jar filled with water to see if it sails. If it floats, it means there are bubbles in the filter that are causing the water filter to run slowly.
  2. Take your water filter out of the jar and smack it, but you should not bang it too hard.
  3. Now you need to put back the water filter in the water jar; this time water filter should sink.
  4. All set, you can use your water filter, and you will see the difference.
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Particles in the filter:

If your water filter is running slow, there can be another reason. It can be due to particles or any other material in the filter.

You can put water directly into your filter to clean anything that is making your water filter slow. When your water filter is clean and particles are dislodged, it will start running smoothly.

Re-flush your filter:

If your water filter is running slow, you can re-flush it to work better. For this purpose, you need to soak your filter in a jar/bowl with warm water for 10-15 minutes and check if it is helpful.

It is a better idea if you last used your filter several days ago and it was running slow when you wanted to use it.

A number of valves used in the filter:

Different filters have different installation parts if you have installed multiple valves, i.e. a pressure limiting valve or a dual check valve.

Sometimes your water filter starts running low because of valves, not because of the filter itself. These valves can get congested; this can make your water filter run slowly.

Faulty valves can also be the reason for the water filter running slow. You can change these valves to make your water filter work efficiently.

Inappropriate water pressure:

Inappropriate water pressure can be the reason for the water filter running slow. If the water pressure is low, it will directly affect the working of the water filter.

Like the high pressure, some water filters have pressure-limiting valves because some components can not handle the higher pressure.

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This water filter slows down the water flow passing through the filter, which can also be the reason for the water filter running slowly.


Why my water filter is running slow?

Bubbles and particles in the filter or the use of multiple valves can be the reason for your water filter running slow because these things can directly slow down the working of the water filter.

How can multiple valves affect the water filter working?

Multiple valves can get clogged and become the reason for a low flow rate of water in the filter, which can affect the water filter’s performance the running slowly.

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Water filters work great when you buy them, but after some time water filter starts running slow because of some reason that can be identified and solved by using some steps. You can take care of your water filter to maintain its good performance.

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