Why is My Brita Filtering So Slow-Ultimate Guide

Brita filters change the taste of your water according to your preference. It also removes sediments from the water. Sometimes you notice your Brita water filtering so slowly.

It can be due to different reasons. You need to understand and know the reasons. In this article, I am going to discuss the reasons why Brita filtering is so slow.

What are the top reasons why is my Brita filtering so slow?

Here are some reasons for your Brita filtering to be so slow you can identify and solve them to make your Brita filter work properly.

Old Brita filter

Your Brita filter may filter slowly because it needs to be updated. When you buy a filter, it works fine and keeps functioning until it is expired or old. You need to check the dates of the water filter and the expiry date. You can replace your water filter every six months.

Filter filled with sediments

It gets clogged when you keep using your filter and do not clean it properly. These sediments in the filter can make your filter so slow. It is irritating when filling your one glass of water takes so long.

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Why is My Brita Filtering So Slow-Ultimate Guide

You can clean your water filter and then use it again; it will filter fast. But when the filter does not work correctly after cleaning, you need to replace it with a new one and solve this problem.

Overuse of filter

Excessive use of water filters can slow it down. When you keep using a Brita water filter and do not maintain or replace it, it will filter slowly. You need to balance the usage of the Brita water filter and replace it when it slows down.

Hard water passing through the Brita filter

Your Brita filter may slow down because of the hard water in your area. This hard water contains a high number of total dissolved solids and sediments, so the filter needs to work more to clean these sediments in your water.

If your filter is slowed down because of these reasons, you can re-mineralize your water, and you also need to replace your clogged filter.

Air bubbles in the Brita filter

Maybe your Brita filtering is so slow because of air bubbles in the filter. When you pour the water into the filter, you may need to pay attention and be careful, so the air gets trapped.

That causes the slow flow rate of water in the Brita filter. Please ensure no air bubbles or air locks in the filter to make it work properly.

The reservoir can have sediments.

Sometimes your water filter makes sediments in its reservoir because of some clogged minerals or deposits.

You can clean these sediments using any cleaning formula or vinegar. You need to clean it properly so these sediments will not slow down the working of the Brita water filter.

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Wrong installation

Wrong or faulty installation can be the one cause of the Brita filter slowdown. This improper installation can happen during the replacement of the water filter.

You need to install a filter to filter your water, which will be fast. Make sure to install and replace the Brita water filter correctly to avoid this problem.

Water pressure in the Brita water filter matters!

Water pressure in the water filter affects its working of it. When water pressure is normal, it will filter the water correctly. But less water pressure can cause in slowing the filtration process of your Brita water filter.


Why is my Brita filtering so slow?

Brita filters slow because of a clogged filter, less water pressure, or any of the reasons mentioned above.

How can I improve the working of my Brita water filter?

You can improve the working of your Brita water filter by cleaning it, giving normal water pressure, and replacing it on time.

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Your Brita starts filtering so slowly sometimes. You can find reasons for its slow working by reading the abovementioned points, and you can also overcome these problems.

When your Brita filter starts working slowly, you need to be alert, check the reasons, and then solve these to make your water pure and access your filtered water on time.

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